Review Policy

status – currently not accepting any request

Hello! Thank you for having an interest on my blog! If you are thinking about having me review or promote your book, I hope this information helps out your decision whether or not I’m the best person to do so.

First off, I will be able to do these following types of posts. Any type of post not listed here are either not accepted here or isn’t guaranteed to be posted:

  • book reviews
  • blog tours
  • guest posts
  • interviews
  • giveaways (mostly put in posts that are listed above)

I am open to look into any book but any book that I’m familiar with can increase the chances of reviewing/promoting the book.

For the type of books that I could be able to review, I mostly prefer young adult, but adult or middle grade would be the least likely to review on. Even if the book is adult or middle grade, I’ll still consider on reading/promoting that book. I am also open to review non-fictional books. The types of non-fiction that I am open to read include:

  • biographies or autobiographies
  • feminism
  • poetry
  • memoirs

Any kind of book that isn’t considered any type of fiction is not accepted that is listed below:

  • indie or self-published books
  • religious
  • cookbooks
  • classics
  • history books

Lastly, the genres that I could be able to read on either young adult, middle grade, or adult are listed below. Any other genre not listed is still acceptable, but not guaranteed to be reviewed/promoted.

  • contemporary romance
  • fantasy / high fantasy
  • dystopian / utopian
  • science fiction
  • action / adventure
  • diversity (lgbt, ethnic, mental conditions, etc.) (I am a Filipino-American so if you requested a novel that pertains a Filipinx character, I’ll most likely will accept your request)