I’m Ryan Bada and I’m from the sunny, heavily populated, diverse city of Los Angeles. I’ll be attending the University of California, Berkeley in the upcoming fall where I have no idea what I’ll be majoring. I spend most of my free time on Twitter as my daily news outlet, like to drink strawberry acai refreshers, and enjoy reading from a variety of genres (ranging from young adult to memoirs to feminism to poetry and so forth).

Here are a few cool facts about me:

  • I’m left-handed. There really are struggles to being a “lefty” and if you’re one of us, then you know what I’m talking about.
  • I’m a Scorpio, ISFP, and considered myself as an ambivert.
  • When it comes to music taste, my go-tos are alternative, pop/soft rock (I enjoy rock in general), and R&B. Some of my favorite artists/musicians include Imagine Dragons, SZA, Halsey, Panic! at the Disco, Lorde, and Florence + the Machine.

I made this blog as a sole purpose to expand my previous book blogs (they didn’t worked out as I thought it would be) into a more personal blog where I can talk about an assortment of things – college, certain topics, etc. Not only is it where I can get to realize how much change I went through throughout the years to come but you (yes, you) can learn something and take it out from of my experience that would you’ll find helpful.

Thank you for looking into my blog and have a great day!




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